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About Us

Shagmart (formerly Switched On Gallery) was started by Piet Agle (Josh Agle's brother) and has been the publishing arm of the Shag franchise for decades.

Our dedication to high quality prints and products has been of paramount importance to both us and Josh.  It is our goal to provide you outstanding artworks at a reasonable price point. It is our hope that you'll cherish these works of fine art for years to come and be proud to hang Shag prints on your walls.

We've recently come to an agreement with SHAG the store to service Shagmart purchases.  This should provide an even better level of customer service as the store operates 7 days a week out of Palm Springs, California, USA.

We can be reached by calling 760 322-3400 during regular business hours (see the Call Us section for more contact information).

We look forward to shipping you the finest quality prints we can produce and wish we were personally able to see the smile on your face when viewing these beautiful works in person.

Thanks you for shopping with Shagmart!